2018 Richardson Real Heroes

Eligibility Requirements and Selection Process

The Richardson Real Heroes program focuses on honoring individuals who provide unselfish service to the community. We are looking for true unsung heroes, people who quietly and unselfishly serve. Look around you and start noticing the friendly people who are always giving of themselves. These are the Good Samaritans we are seeking.

Anyone can make a nomination. The information you submit might be all the committee will know about the nominee. 

Eligibility Criteria:

    • A nominee should have received minimal prior formal recognition for his or her service outside the organization they support.
    • He or she has provided service in an exemplary way to benefit Richardson, its residents, or schools.
    • Although this is a Richardson program, nominees do not have to be Richardson residents.
    • Real Heroes are volunteers, so they must not have received compensation for the award-qualifying activity.
    • Nominees should be 16 years old or older; however, parental consent required for a nominated minor.

The people you nominate would never ask for the recognition but deserve it all the more.

The nominating period ends December 23.

Selection Process:

The selection committee will rank the nominees based on the information received according to the following:

Need(s) addressed

  • Need(s) addressed
  • Projects, initiatives, innovations, …
  • Accomplishments and lasting impact on community, schools, individuals
  • Evaluation of prior recognition
  • Time & tenure invested as volunteer
  • Number of volunteer activities
  • Volunteer service must have benefited Richardson, its residents, or schools
  • Volunteer service must be unpaid
  • Volunteer may not be a current elected official

Nominees will be evaluated in two categories:

  • Adult: Post High School
  • Youth: High School

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Next Steps:

Following the selection process, a list of three to five Richardson Real Heroes will be posted on the Real Heroes website. Those who know or work with these Real Heroes know them best and will be asked to share anecdotes or testimonials to help us better tell the stories of these special people at the Richardson Real Heroes recognition ceremony on April 5, 2018. Mark your calendars and join us at the awards ceremony to celebrate the people who give of themselves and ask for nothing in return.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact:

Barbara Berthold (Chair)

Reuben Pratt (Secretary)